The Perfect: Matrix biolage Exquisite Oil

The Perfect: Matrix biolage Exquisite Oil

This oil I wanted to start praising a long time ago, but everything was waiting for a trick. But almost a year has passed since the beginning of use, but the trick did not happen.

Ordinary bottle, normal dispenser. The amount of product can be adjusted by force and speed of pressing. All the inscriptions were made with high quality, nothing was frayed for a year. I lost the cap immediately, which makes the oil not transportable. But I always lose these transparent tiny caps.

Oil is thick, as much as cooled olive, but not fat, but silicone. The aroma is strong, some kind of flower-musky, there is nothing left on the hair.

There are many options for using oil, I chose 3 of them.

  1. As a mask to shampoo. Oil should be thickly applied to the hair before washing, soak for 5-10 minutes and rinse. I didn’t understand this application very much, the consumption is very large, and the result is no different from more economical options.
  2. As indelible care. I put oil on wet hair, receding approximately on 10 centimetres from roots. I have half the pressure on the dispenser. Hair becomes softer, smoother. Oil – excellent thermal protection. So, if styling with curling irons is foreseen, I duplicate the application to clean wet/dry hair before styling. Slightly easier styling, if it is associated with straightening.
  3. I apply the last tiny drop of oil after completing all the styling on dry hair. It enhances shine and protects styling from moisture.

In total, I get 2-3 oil application after each use. I can say that during the use of oil, my hair began to look much better and become more healthy: thick, smooth, and even hold a curl. For the first time in many years, I began to wear native curls.

Still in advantages mad economy at the adequate price. It seems to me that using only this oil and the MATRIX Total Results in PRO SOLUTIONIST Total Treat oil mask can provide very impressive results in restoring damaged hair.

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