The best: hair care and styling

The best: hair care and styling

Everyone knows that it was this year that I began to start working on hair professionally, so my interest in this area has increased significantly. So, the rating of hair cosmetics will be separate, the best of the best, which I found in the categories of hair care and hairstyling.

First and foremost, what will be remembered for me in 2015 is my new haircut. I dreamed of being extremely short and somehow strange to cut my hair for several years and finally realized. It gave me so much happiness, so much strength, joy, and an amazingly good wind in my head that I could not describe. Girls who doubt – cut their hair. Long hair is rarely healthy enough and well-groomed to look beautiful. And the haircut takes off the age and puts on “glasses of style”.

It was that I learned to love my curls, beautifully lay them, comb and in general. This added a whole lot of points to the process of bringing one’s appearance into line with internal sensations. But it would be impossible without two magnificent !! means for curls. Girls, I tried all sorts of nonsense in this category – tons. All that you could buy online, the masses and the prof, all the lines for curls. So they all work about a hundred times worse, that these two are my pets.

Belita Studio Style Disciplining Serum for smoothing hair – nothing smoothes, it movably and gently fixes curls so that you can comb them later with a special comb and the next day everything will be even smarter than before.

But in order to have what to fix, the curls must first be formed beautiful and non-fluffy. This overseas my overseas favourite, a detailed review of the bark is already on the way, Creightons Frizz No More Hold & Moisture Activator Cream. This is a miracle and delight, and I’m already looking for an opportunity to buy the next cube of magic cream.

In the post about the best, I am obliged to mention the magnificent dry shampoo Klorane Dry shampoo with nettle. I have been testing dry shampoos for a whole year and this one is truly the best. It creates not only the look but also the feeling of cleanliness, it smells very faint and pleasant, imperceptible on the hair.

By the way, about shampoos. The discovery was extra-budgetary, but very, very pleasant products Baikal Herbals. The shampoo is soft, does not dry the hair at all and does not irritate the scalp.

I met the most beautiful hair mask Egomania Professional Hairganic + Mask with shea butter for thick, curly hair that does not do anything with curls, but gives such tactile sensations from the hair, as if they had never seen any paint or iron nor chlorinated water.

And, of course, my favourite non-wash, which has already been appreciated not only by me but by all the girls who come to me for haircuts/dyeing – Matrix biology Exquisite Oil. In general, I am very wary of the brand, half of the products do not suit me, a quarter is so-so, but the remaining 25% are masterpieces, like this oil.

But the brand that surprised me and won was Indola. Everything, everything I tried was of very decent quality and works exactly as the manufacturer promises. Coupled with the availability, both financial and geographical, Indola products can be a real salvation for a dozen of hair. Very high-quality work.

That’s all. It was a wonderful year, very fruitful. How are you doing with your hair? Found new pets?

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