Schwarzkopf extra fix hairspray session fix hairspray

Schwarzkopf extra fix hairspray session fix hairspray

Honestly, I do not often use hair spray. At least for their own personal needs. Nevertheless, I always have a bottle of varnish with a Schwarzkopf Osis session fix hairspray. And so it goes on for many years. Sometimes I try something from more budgetary funds, but I still come back to this bottle. By the way, already tried on clients. On any hair except ultra-fine varnish behaves perfectly.

The photo is a mini-version; the lacquer is available in 300 and 500 ml volumes. In all cases, in bottles of excellent spray that does not clog over the years.

Luck smells strong, but not disgusting. The smell quickly ceases to be felt, but the first thing that hugs you will feel the varnish, and not the perfume. Alas.

This lacquer is extra strong. I like the fact that for ordinary hair styling it needs quite a bit. Just a couple of short “pshiks” on the whole head – one by one on the left and the right. With this use, the varnish does not glue the hair too much (but still it is felt); it keeps the texture (curls, curls, straightening) and the direction of the hair well. What is nice, the volume does not crush. Holds for a long time, but easily combed out. Hair does not dry. But this is not “extra strong fixation”. You can straighten your hair with your hands, the wind will inflate them, they will retain mobility.

If to apply a varnish from the heart, I fix separate locks, carefully processing a hairdresser, but on the head, the helmet is necessarily formed. But! In this helmet, you can sleep, ride, sweat, dance, and so on. This lacquer with a heavy application without any kind of invisibility keeps light elements of hairstyles 🙂 Combing the “helmet” will not work, you will have to wash your head. The volume on thin hair may be lost. But fixation is really great!

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