How to wash your hair?

How to wash your hair?

As I wrote everywhere a hundred times, I went to study hairdressing. And I wanted to make a few notes – notes of what we are taught. That can be useful to each my reader. It seems that everything is very simple, but, as usual, there is a nuance. Let’s start with the simplest and daily: washing your head.

  • Hair must be combed before washing.
  • Sebum excretion by the sebaceous glands depends on many factors (hormones, genes, stress, nutrition), but NOT on the frequency of washing and the effects of shampoos. Therefore, it is important to wash the head as soon as there is a feeling of greasiness. “My head is less common and my hair will get used” is a bad myth.
  • Before applying the shampoo, the hair should be wetted abundantly: the hair should be very wet.
  • For one wash it is better to use the amount of shampoo with a coin (approximately). If this is not enough, you need to repeat the washing, and not add more shampoo. (This is an important point, which guarantees a more thorough cleansing of the hair, as well as saving shampoo). Hair should be washed twice.
  • At first, the shampoo foams slightly in the palms: you need to squeeze the product onto a wet palm, cover it with your second hand and rub it. I always wondered how to foam it without spilling? Like this.
  • The shampoo is applied to the hair from the middle of the length to the ends, and then back to the roots, with soft, movements. You should not apply a concentrated shampoo on the roots or on the ends of the hair, so as not to irritate and overdry the skin and tips.
  • Rubbing and massaging movements are directed only to the scalp and the root zone of the hair, the length and ends of rubbing are not necessary so as not to be confused and not to tear.
  • After foaming, shampoo should be thoroughly rinsed off.
  • You can not wash your hair with hot water: it provokes fat and prevents the cuticle scales from closing.
  • The foam cleans nothing, different substances are responsible for cleansing and foaming in shampoo. But! The abundant foam helps to better distribute the tool, as well as – the guarantor of well-washed hair (it is not formed on unwashed)
  • It is important to choose a shampoo due to the condition of the hair. Shampoos “2 in 1” and shampoos for deep cleansing cannot be used continuously.
  • It is better to ensure that the foam from the shampoo is minimal on the skin of the body and face. Therefore, it is more useful to wash the head separately from the body, tilting it into the sink, and not standing under the shower.

These are simple rules. After shampoo, rinse aid or conditioner must be applied. I will write more about how to select them and how to use them. I probably will do for such posts a separate section: About hair and hairstyles.

And how do you wash your hair? Is it right? Will these posts about hair useful and interesting to you?

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