How to wash your hair – 2: balm, mask, conditioner

How to wash your hair – 2: balm, mask, conditioner

In a previous post about hair and hair, I talked about how to wash your hair with shampoo effectively and safely. Today we will talk about how to complete washing with various care products.

  • The washing is completed by applying the conditioner. Do not confuse conditioner with balms and hair masks! The main purpose of the conditioner is to close the cuticle hair scales to make the hair smooth and shiny there, to prevent its destruction and breaking off during combing. Balsams and masks differ in the degree of impact and act not only on the hair cuticle, but also on the deeper layer – the cortex. For maximum effectiveness, a mask / balsam is applied to the hair cleaned with shampoo, rinsed off, and then conditioner applied. Or! used mask / balm with conditioning effect.
  • In case the hair is very thin, you can use an indelible conditioner . In this case, before applying it to the hair you need to handle incredibly carefully: do not comb, do not rub. It will also help with long hair, which is often confused.
  • After shampooing, it is best to wet the hair with a towel very carefully to remove excess water and not dilute the conditioner . Important: the Japanese tradition of hair care on the contrary involves emulsifying (whipping with water) conditioners in water during application right in the sink. So in case of using Asian care, it is important to read the instructions. But more often, a simple towel trick increases the efficiency of the product by half and also reduces consumption by 2 times.
  • Conditioner, like shampoo, is convenient to rub into the palms, and only then apply to the hair. Air conditioning in a spray format is also relevant. This ensures uniformity of application and control of the flow rate
  • The tool is applied to the entire length of hair, retreating from the roots by about 2 cm. By the way, balms and masks (depending on the purpose) can be applied and rubbed into the hair roots and scalp. The amount of air conditioning is selected individually. You should start with the same portion as that of the shampoo, and increase if necessary.
  • If the hair is very long or thick, it is better to evenly distribute the conditioner with a comb with sparse teeth.
  • It does not make sense to overdo the conditioner. Unlike balms and masks, it always acts quickly.
  • The air conditioner must be washed off with warm and preferably cool water. No need to try to wash the conditioner from the hair completely , so you completely cancel it. The meaning of conditioners is to create a film on the surface of the hair.
  • Like shampoo, it is important to choose washable care products depending on the type of hair.

What do you like to use after washing? Conditioner, balm, mask? Do you apply conditioner after the mask? Comb your hair with a tool on them? Love indelible means?

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