Belita Studio Style Disciplining Serum for Smoothing Hair

Belita Studio Style Disciplining Serum for Smoothing Hair

I love Belita for the fact that, despite the small amount of really cool things, most of the products work for a good, honest four. I read an enthusiastic review on the LJ-beautician (disgusting community, but for some reason, I am watching) and gladly grabbed disciplining serum from the Studio Style series.

Convenient bottle with a decent dispenser, which gives a portion of the funds the size of a ruble coin. On curls, I need a lot of serum 5-7 such servings, half a press is enough for straightening.

The texture of the serum is similar to a very liquid styling gel: slightly slippery, not greasy, not sticky. It does not smell, it is easily washed off the skin.

Manufacturers promise to smooth and shine for curly hair. As well as thermal protection and protection from “puffing” in the damp.

I use the serum in two cases: when the pull on the hair brushing instead of cream Berrywell ( to be exact – to your favourite hair-brush ) and if you leave your curls.

In the case of drying a hair dryer, the serum makes styling easier, makes the hair smoother, fixes it, but does not add shine. rather the opposite – a bit of a matte effect. But I’m not really scared.

But for styling curls, she was just not-for-my-no-my. For years I have been looking for a means to apply on the curls and they dried out with curls, not a bast. This is how it happens: I wet the serum with very, very raw hair abundantly – so that each curl in the serum and not touch. Everything looks very cool, curls curl like abnormals, only the strands of the person twist on the clip because they interfere when they dry and I rattle them.

The effect persists for a long time, the main thing is not to touch it once more, do not even think about combing it. In the mornings, on the second/third day, I just wet my hair with a little water so that the curls will pick up again.

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