Batiste Volume XXL

Batiste Volume XXL

In general, I use dry shampoo 3 times a week, because I am lazy, because they give volume, and because I wash my head (and then brush it with a brush and polish it with an iron) every day, I still will not kill you. I have already tried the sea of ​​all sorts of dry shampoos, but Baptiste did everything as it passed by me. Finally, they gave it to me. And not the original favourite, but the controversial BatisteVolume XXL.

I already lost the lid, naturally. The one who comes up with the first cover on the elastic band, like children’s mittens, will earn my eternal gratitude. And so everything is very convenient, the dispenser is not clogged.

Smell. This is the main stumbling block among the users of this shampoo. He’s strong. No not like this. He’s strong. Persistent. bright. Floral. All that I do not like usually. However, in this case, the smell does not irritate me, I quickly get used to it and stop feeling it. But others regularly clarify what kind of perfume.

Shampoo can be applied smaller and bigger. In the case of a smaller one, it will really neatly clean the roots, make the hair easier, warn/prevent disintegration into icicles. Like any good dry shampoo. At the same time, it will turn out to be inconspicuously combed out and you can stop bathing for another day. But if it is applied very little.

If you apply the same from the heart, partings, as I used to do, you can really put your hair in a hyper-volume styling. But! Thus, it is no longer a dry shampoo, but a styling agent. It can be seen, combing completely fail, the hair will be very, very hard, matte. Now, with a short haircut, I often make just such a “hard version”, but with long hair (I had a chin), a koltun gives such use.

Of the minuses – this is the stiffness, hair zaloshennost, the difficulty of combing. But the effect, if used wisely and with hands, is very cool.

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