Amazing nearby: shampoo and balm Baikal Herbals

Amazing nearby: shampoo and balm Baikal Herbals

I don’t remember what made me take the shampoo. Most likely – an idiotic name. Baikal Herbals. Article by Latin Wow! In the month that I used this shampoo, I buzzed their ears to everyone at all. And I bought him a pair of balm, and not a hair mask. For the first time in many years. So, Baikal Herbals Shampoo firming and Baikal Herbals Nourishing Balm.

Packaging like shampoo balsams Organic Shop, you have to shake out. Not too comfortable. And as there are too many threads on the neck, you need to twist it for a long time until tightness. Like nonsense, but with wet hands annoying. Both remedies smell like herbs for me, strong and bright. Balm generally smells like childhood in the country 🙂

The shampoo is a bit watery. Not bad foams, but the expense is great. I had enough bottles for 10 times exactly. Washes moderately: my hair begins to get dirty faster.

But! He is so soft, so gentle. Hair does not dry at all, not confused, very smooth and shiny. If I didn’t have painted ends, I could have done without air conditioning. I didn’t apply washable care a couple of times and was surprised by the condition of the hair. My head does not itch at all from him (which has become rare lately. The more tender I am towards the scalp, the more capricious it is and not vice versa). In general, for the month of use, hair has deteriorated less than usual.

Although of course, dry shampoo is already on the second day (usually I use it on the third or my head) – it strains. On the other hand, it would be better washed, dried and confused.

The balm is very dense, thick, with difficulty removed from the bottle. It feels like the Body Shop Butter for the body: not silicone, not greasy, but like a little wax. Consumption is average, I have enough quantities with a walnut.

Really nourishes, moisturizes and smoothes the hair, while not making them heavier. For me, a great alternative to more expensive, indelible care.

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