Research for the Future

The Waka Research Foundation takes as a central principal that archaeological research must be grounded in cultural and ecological conservation, and foster community participation and development. While fulfilling its primary objectives of investigating and documenting humanity's ancient past, archaeological research can be a vehicle for positive change and lasting stability in Central America.

The Foundation seeks to fund research that is commensurate with this goal. Our flagship research project is the El PerĂº-Waka' Archaeological Research Project (WARP), investigating the ancient site of El PerĂº (ancient Waka').

Clarity and Transparency

The ideas of clarity and transparency are not novel to scientists. Researchers, in any field, must seek as a central goal the dissemination of clear, concise, and factual information, making their method transparent and open for critique. This principal, that guides all forms of responsible science, also guides the Foundation. This is essential so that donors may be confident that their contributions are spent responsibly and that the principals they agreed to support are being followed. Donor members to the Foundation have access to our annual report, and have a direct avenue for inquiries about our activities. Anyone wishing more information about the Foundation or our research is free to contact us.

As a research foundation, it is also important that we fulfill our scientific obligations and disseminate the results of our research to the public. What use is the investigation of our ancient past, if it is not shared? We invite you to explore the pages of this site to learn about our Foundation, and our archaeological research. The Archaeology link on this site includes a detailed list of publications related to WARP. Where available, reports can be downloaded as a PDF.


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